The Ultra Beneficial Butterfly Pea Tea

Butterfly Pea Tea may be pretty in color but it is also a very healthy beverage to consume. It’s benefits include promoting glowing skin, enhancing your mood and more.

This tea comes from the Clitoria Ternatea flower that is native to Southeast Asia. It is used as a food coloring due to is vibrant blue coloring in traditional medicine and herbal drinks.

The blue pea flower can change the color of the water after brewing. If you add other ingredients like lemongrass, lemon juice and spices the color could turn pink or purple. This tea has a light, earthy taste similar to green tea and a floral smell.

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The Benefits Of Butterfly Pea Tea

Butterfly Pea Tea May Help You Lose Weight. This tea contains catechins which can be useful in burning belly fat and aiding in weight loss. It is able to speed up the metabolism and make the body burn more calories. It can also help you lose water weight because it is a natural diuretic. One study proved that this tea also prevents and fights against fatty liver disease.

Butterfly Pea Tea May Improve Your Heart Health. Because this tea is packed with antioxidants it can be beneficial in keeping your heart healthy. This tea is effective in lowering high cholesterol levels, which is a big risk factor for heart disease. Butterfly Pea Tea can stop abnormally high concentrations of lipids or fats in the bloodstream.

Butterfly Pea Tea Is Rich In Antioxidants. Antioxidants protect against the damaging effects of free radicals and help to slow down the aging process. They also boost the appearance and health of your skin, hair and nails. In particular it’s rich in anthocyanin an antioxidant that can also be found in blueberries and red wine. This antioxidant is well-known for fighting inflammation and boosting heart health.

Butterfly Pea Tea May Help With Stress, Depression and Anxiety. The antioxidants found in the tea have been shown to lift your mood and relax the nerves. One study revealed that this tea is effective against depression, stress and anxiety allowing you to have a good night sleep.

Butterfly Pea Tea May Help With Cognitive Function. Butterfly Pea Tea may be beneficial in boosting learning and memory because it is a natural nootropic. Nootropics help reduce brain fog and stress thereby improving your cognitive function.

Butterfly Pea Tea May Cure Type II Diabetes. Consuming a cup of this tea between meals has been proven to regulate blood sugar levels and lower blood glucose levels. Butterfly Pea Tea is actually effective for diabetics in keeping sugar levels under control and curing type II diabetes.

Butterfly Pea Tea May Lower a Fever. Studies have shown that this tea can mimic the effects similar to that of a pain reliever and fever reducer. Butterfly Pea Tea reduces your fever by causing blood vessels underneath the skin to expand, thereby causing the blood to cool by increasing the blood flow and reducing the temperature.

Butterfly Pea Tea Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties. Due to the high antioxidant content of this tea, it may fight against disease causing inflammation. It has been used for ages to provide relief from pain and swelling. Butterfly Pea Tea is effective in treating external and internal inflammations.

Butterfly Pea Tea May Improve Your Vision. In some parts of the world this tea is also known as the clear vision tea. The plant this tea is derived from is called the Clitoria Ternatea and is packed with healthy antioxidants. One antioxidant in particular is responsible for increasing blood flow to the capillaries of the eyes. Because of this it may be helpful in treating retinal damage, glaucoma and blurred vision.

Side Effects

Butterfly Pea Tea has no known side effects and is presumably safe for most people to consume in moderation.


Butterfly Pea Tea is filled with many healthy benefits. It’s caffeine free and safe for most people to consume. Why not add this ultra healthy tea to your diet and reap its many benefits.

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