The Surprising Details of Jasmine Tea

Jasmine Scented Tea

Jasmine Tea is just regular tea, be it green, black or white tea, that is scented with Jasmine flowers. It is aromatic, calming and may offer a whole range of health benefits, depending on how it is prepared. Some of the benefits of Jasmine Tea include, helping ease into sleep, preventing weight gain and act as an antidepressant.

The Jasmine flower is known as the queen of flowers, because it is so widely used. It is used in both women’s scents and male colognes, making it one of the most universal flowers in the world.

Jasmine tea has a sweet per-fumy scent and flavor that some dislike and others enjoy. Jasmine tea blends, do not need to contain Jasmine flower to be naturally scented, the leaves are mixed with real flowers, that are left to release their aroma and then removed. This process is repeated a few times, until the perfect flavor is achieved.

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Pure Jasmine Tea

Pure Jasmine Tea contains only Jasmine flowers or petals, without other tea. Jasmine blossoms are either dried whole or broken in petals. Pure Jasmine Tea offers numerous health benefits.

Benefits of Drinking Pure Jasmine Tea

Jasmine Tea May have a Sedative Effect. The scent of Jasmine flowers might be one of the best natural sedatives. Inhaling Jasmine scent may even be used instead of sleeping pills.

Jasmine Tea may work as an Antidepressant. Inhaling the Jasmine scent may lead to uplifting your mood.

Jasmine Tea May help with Weight Loss. Studies show that Jasmine Tea might possibly be effective, in preventing weight gain and fat accumulation. It may also help stimulate your metabolism.

Jasmine Tea may Help with Stomach Problems. In Chinese medicine, Jasmine flowers are used to treat conditions related to spleen, stomach and the liver. Studies show that it has an analgesic effect and may help ease stomach pain.

Jasmine Tea may help with Fever. Jasmine flowers have anti-inflammatory properties and may help lowering fever.

Benefits of Jasmine Scented Tea

Jasmine Scented Teas have many health benefits. As mentioned above, most Jasmine teas are made with either Green, White or Black Tea. These these are stocked full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Jasmine blended teas may help in preventing cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, tooth decay, bone loss and much more. It could also help in weight loss, flushing out free radicals, looking younger and boosting immunity. See the articles written on Green, White and Black Tea for more information.

Side Effects

Jasmine Tea is safe to drink in its purest form because it contains no caffeine. When drinking a blended form of it, be careful of consuming to much caffeine. If you cannot have caffeine or prefer not to drink caffeine, stay away from blended forms of Jasmine Tea.


Jasmine Tea is regular tea scented with Jasmine flowers. If you enjoy the scent and taste of Jasmine, poor yourself and aromatic cup.

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