Why You Should Start Drinking Lemongrass Tea

Some of the benefits of consuming Lemongrass Tea include, lowering your cholesterol, regulating blood pressure, burning fat and more.

Lemongrass Tea is made from the dried leaves or stalks of the lemongrass plant. The plant grows in warm temperatures and is native to South Asia.

Lemongrass Tea is naturally caffeine-free and is a great alternative to individuals looking for teas they can consume anytime of day.

The tea has a subtle lemon taste and is mildly sweet. It is light yellow in color when brewed and has a lemon scent.

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Benefits of Drinking Lemongrass Tea

Lemongrass Tea May Help Prevent Tooth Decay. Lemongrass Tea has antimicrobial abilities against bacteria that may cause tooth decay. It may also treat oral infections and cavities. Lemongrass Tea may also leave your mouth feeling refreshed.

Lemongrass Tea May Help Reduce Your Risk of Cancer. Lemongrass contains citral, which is said to have anticancer abilities. Some of the components contained in the tea, cause cancer cell death or boost your immune system. Boosting your immune system enables your body to fight off cancer better on its on.

Lemongrass Tea May Help With Digestion. Lemongrass tea is a good remedy for upset stomach, cramping and other digestive problems. It may also help alleviate stomach ulcers.

Lemongrass Tea Helps Alleviate Excess Body Fluids. Lemongrass Tea is a diuretic. It can help you urinate more than usual and eliminate excess body fluids and sodium. This is especially beneficial in cases where the water retention leads to bloating a common symptom of PMS.

Lemongrass Tea May Help With PMS. Lemongrass Tea can be used to naturally relieve menstrual cramps, bloating and hot flashes. The stomach soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of the tea, may be effective in reducing some symptoms of PMS. Lemongrass is also helpful in cooling the body.

Lemongrass Tea May Boost Red Blood Cell Levels. Consuming Lemongrass Tea daily, may increase your red blood cell count in the body. It is believed the antioxidant properties of the tea could be the reason for this.

Side Effects

When consumed in small amounts, Lemongrass Tea is safe to drink. If you are allergic to the lemongrass plant, you may want to stay away from Lemongrass Tea.


Lemongrass tea can be a refreshing and cooling beverage to consume. In addition to its addictive taste, you could become hooked on all the health benefits it offers as well. Why not enjoy a cup and relax.

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