Health Benefits Of Yerba Mate Tea

Besides energizing you for your day without interrupting sleep, Yerba Mate has many health benefits. Some of its benefits include boosting mental awareness, aiding in weight loss and helping with digestion.

In South America, instead of starting their day with coffee, people start it by drinking Yerba Mate Tea. It is used there, as an alternative to coffee for energy and the many health benefits it possess.

Yerba Mate is made from the Llex Paraguariensis plant. The tea is includes both the leaves and the twigs. The tea leaves are dried over a fire to speed up the oxygenation process.

Because of the amount of tannins contained in the tea, it has a bitter taste, like coffee or black teas. It is described as tasting earthy, nutty, lemony and chocolatey. You can add honey to make the taste more palatable.

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Benefits Of Yerba Mate Tea

Yerba Mate Tea Can Boost Your Energy. One cup or 8oz of Yerba Mate Tea contains 85mg fo caffeine. So in the morning, if you are looking for an energy boost alternative to coffee, you may want to drink Yerba Mate Tea. It is said to have a longer lasting stimulant effect than coffee, without the jittery effects.

Yerba Mate Tea Can Lower Your Blood Pressure. Because of its high levels of theobromine, drinking Yerba Mate Tea may lower your blood pressure. Theobromine increases blood flow by relaxing the smooth muscle in blood vessels. This can result in lowering blood pressure and protecting overall heart health.

Yerba Mate Tea Can Prevent Heart Disease. Drinking Yerba Mate Tea can help prevent heart disease by lowering LDL cholesterol or bad cholesterol. It has also been proven to reduce oxidative stress, a condition that can lead to heart disease and stroke.

Yerba Mate Tea Can Help With Weight Loss. Yerba Mate Tea may speed up your metabolism. Yerba Mate Tea can increase your body’s reliance on using fats during exercise and can enhance your performance. Burning more fats can increase your body’s energy stores for higher intensity exercises, thereby increasing your endurance. It is also know to provide a feeling of fullness, keeping you satisfied and less likely to need a snack.

Yerba Mate Tea Is Full Of Nutrients. Yerba Mate Tea contains high concentrations of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, C and E. It also contains calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sodium, sulfur and zinc. There is also a substantial amount of antioxidants.

Yerba Mate Tea Can Help With Digestion and Bone Density. Yerba Mate Tea contains compounds that are known to relax the muscles, which can aid in digestion. This can be very helpful when dealing with constipation and bloating. Yerba Mate Tea also has a high mineral content, which can protect against loss of bone mineral density.

Side Effects

Yerba Mate Tea is safe to consume, when done so in moderation. However, those who have caffeine sensitivity may want to skip this healthy beverage. As with all beverages containing caffeine, it is best to consume them in moderation.


If you are looking for a healthy alternative to coffee, then you may enjoy Yerba Mate Tea. It can give you the energy boost you need, without the jitters. Make yourself a cup of this robust tea, feel alert and relish in the health benefits.

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