The Health Benefits Of Yarrow Tea

Yarrow Tea has a list of health benefits that include, relieving nausea, soothing skin rashes and fighting bacteria.

In ancient times Yarrow was called Military Herb because it was commonly used to stop bleeding and support wound healing. It’s also known as Old Man’s Pepper, Soldier’s Herb, Thousand Weed and Nose Bleed.

Yarrow Tea comes from a plant with small normally white flowers and hairy, feather- shaped leaves. It belongs to the same family as sunflowers, dandelions, daisies and marigolds. The entire plant is used, both dried and fresh and is best when gathered while in flower.

The taste of Yarrow Tea is bitter. Although it has an unpleasing flavor it can stimulate your system. To make it more pleasing to consume, add honey, lemon or sugar to mask its bitterness. Because it has a strong, pungent aroma, it can help clear your congestion.

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Health Benefits Of Yarrow Tea

Yarrow Tea Can Prevent Cramps. Yarrow tea contains flavonoids, which is a plant antioxidant that has been proven to be effective in preventing cramps.

Yarrow Tea Can Aid In Digestion. When consuming Yarrow Tea, the bitterness increases digestion as well as the absorption of nutrients by your body. It is also helpful in stopping diarrhea. Yarrow Tea invigorates your liver and helps it release bile, while relieving cramps.

Yarrow Tea Can Lower Fever. Drinking Yarrow Tea can promote sweating and help eradicate flu causing viruses from the body. Yarrow Tea opens your pores and encourages your body to sweat the fever out.

Yarrow Tea can relieve Mastitis. Mastitis usually affects women after breastfeeding. Painful breast tissue (Mastitis) can be relieved by regularly consuming Yarrow Tea.

Yarrow Tea May Help Alleviate Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety. Studies have shown that plant based alkaloids, like those found in Yarrow Tea, reduce the secretion of a hormone that is high during chronic stress.

Yarrow Tea Can Fight Inflammation. Consuming Yarrow Tea may reduce skin and liver inflammation, which could help treat skin infections like eczema and signs of aging. It has also been proven to increase skin moisture.

Yarrow Tea Can Help Relieve Varicose Veins. Yarrow Tea can help move stagnant blood. Healthy blood freely circulates your body. Stagnant blood such as in the case of varicose veins and fibroids can lead to an array of symptoms and discomfort. Consuming Yarrow Tea can improve circulation and blood flow when needed.

Side Effects

As with any herbal tea, moderation is key. If moderation is practiced when consuming Yarrow Tea, there are no known side effects.


If you can acquire a taste for this bitter, super healthy herb, you are in for a world of benefits. If you still want to drink Yarrow Tea, yet you would like to mask its bitterness, try adding some lemon, honey or sugar.

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