The Benefits Of Anise Tea

Anise Tea has many health benefits, from helping with weight loss, eliminating bad breath, relieving menstrual cramps and much more.

Anise is a member of the carrot, celery and parsley family, and is a plant that can grow up to three feet tall. The plant produces small brown seeds known as aniseed. Anise is native to Egypt, Asia Minor, Crete and Greece. However, now it is grown around the world in warm and variable climates.

Anise has always been used for its therapeutic capabilities. The essential oil within anise helps digestive function, removes gas and provides relief from uncomfortable intestinal cramping.

Anise has a distinct licorice like taste and is used to add flavor to desserts and drinks. The aroma is sweet and fragrant, like licorice.

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The Benefits Of Anise Tea

Anise Tea May Help With Indigestion. If you are suffering from flatulence and bloating, you may want to drink some Anise Tea. It has been shown to help reduce gas and bloating because it contains an essential oil called anethole. Anethole by itself, is good for treating, bloating, heartburn and nausea after eating.

Anise Tea May Help With Symptoms Of Menopause. Anise contains compounds that have an estrogen-like effect. It has been proven that anise can help improve symptoms associated with menopause. These symptoms include insomnia, hot flashes, fatigue, decreased libido and more.

Anise Tea Can Stimulate Hormones. Anise Tea boost well being and increased libido for men and women. If you are feeling tired or depressed you may want to consume Anise Tea to help perk you up. It may also be helpful in relieving PMS and regulating your menstrual cycle.

Anise Tea May Assist In Lactation. Consuming Anise Tea may help boost milk production in lactating mothers. The compound anethole mimics the activity of estrogen and can help to produce milk. It is sometimes used when new mothers have difficulty lactating after giving birth, primarily by a cesarean section.

Anise Tea May Fight Cold And Flu. Anise Tea has traditionally been used to help bring relief from respiratory congestion and the cold. It fights bacteria and viruses that are at the source of colds and the flu, because it contains shikimic acid. The antifungal and antibacterial properties of this herb makes it a popular ingredient for cough syrups, cough drops and teas that act as an expectorant.

Side Effects

When consumed in moderation, Anise Tea has no known side effects. If you plan to consume while pregnant, talk to your physician.


This aromatic, sweet tea is filled with many health benefits. If you have never had Anise Tea or you haven’t heard of it before, why not give it a try. You may find its one to add to your tea collection.

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