The Benefits Of Sweet Violet Tea

Violet Tea has many health benefits that include soothing respiratory ailments, treating aches and pains and more.

The most commonly used species of Violets are Viola odorata and Viola sororia. Viola odorata, also known as Sweet Violet, Johnny Jumps Ups, Hearts Ease, Pansies and Wild Violets to name a few, has flowers that range from dark purple to white. Viola sororia is native to most of central and eastern North America. It is commonly known as the blue violet and is typically considered to be a weed.

The entire violet plant is edible and can be found growing after winter. The plant favors the edge of woods and may show up in lawns and gardens as uninvited weeds. They may may be found near the foundations of homes and in your yard or garden near other plants, pretty much shady areas.

Sweet Violet Tea is pale green in color, mild in flavor and has a sweet, heavenly fragrance. Historically it has been used in fragrances, perfumes, made into violet syrup, violet scones, violet marshmallows and used medicinally for cancer of the breast, lungs and digestive tract.

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Benefits Of Sweet Violet Tea

Violet Tea May Relieve Respiratory Symptoms. The flowers and leaves of the Violet have mild expectorant properties. Consuming the tea can help to break up chest congestion by thinning mucous and making it easier to cough it up. It helps to make breathing easier and stop dry coughs, making it useful for people who may be asthmatic.

Violet Tea May Relieve Pain. Violet Tea contains high amounts of rutin and salicylic acid which mimic aspirin. This allows the herb to be useful in treating aches, pains, inflammation, headaches and arthritis pain. It also promotes sweating which can help bring down a fever and manage flu symptoms.

Violet Tea May Treat Cancer. The leaves of the Violet plant have high antioxidant levels which is able to fight the free radicals that cause cancer growth. Consuming Violet regularly may help to reduce or shrink the early stage tumor and cancer.

Violet Tea May Prevent Blood Clots. Consuming Violet Tea may help prevent blood clots, due to the high amounts of rutin and salicylic acid it contains, thereby lowering the chances of heart attacks and stroke. It can also help blood circulation and strengthen and increase the flexibility of your blood vessels.

Violet Tea May Lower Your Blood Pressure. Violet tea cans alkaloids that can cause blood vessels to relax and allow blood to flow easier. This helps lower blood pressure and may help prevent heart disease.

Violet Tea May Promote Sweating. Because Violets acts as an expectorant it can also be used to help induce sweating to treat the onset of a cold or flu and reduce a temperature.

Violet Tea May Heal the Skin. Consuming violet tea may also be helpful in repairing skin conditions such as, eczema, ulcers, acne, psoriasis, sprains, stings, wounds and irritated skin.

Violet Tea May also Benefit the Urinary System. Violet Tea helps to relieve incontinence, insufficient or sprinkling urination and bladder infections. It can also soothe and reduce inflammation in gastritis and stomach ulcers. Because the flowers have a mild laxative effect, they can also assist with constipation.

Side Effects

Violet Tea has no known side effects when it is consumed in moderation. If you are planning to harvest your own Violets, take care that they have not been sprayed with chemicals. Also if you are unsure of how to identify wild violets, to be on the safe side, purchase them from a reputable manufacturer.


Violet Tea is mild in flavor and full of beneficial nutrients. Perhaps this unpopular tea may be one to add to your diet.

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