The Benefits Of Saint John’s Wort Tea

Saint John’s Wort Tea has many benefits outside its possibility to relieve depression. It can also relieve pain, support liver health and heal wounds.

In times past, Saint John’s Wort has been used by many nations to heal wounds, stop diarrhea, relieve sore eyes and aching feet.

Saint John’s Wort is also known as Goat Weed, Hardhay, Rosin Rose, Tipton Weed, Johnswort, Amber, Touch and Heal and Klamath Weed. It’s origin is North America, Europe, Asia Minor, Russia, India and China. This flowering herb sprouts yellow petalled clusters and is able to infiltrate seemingly infertile territory.

Saint John’s Wort Tea has a light amber color. The taste is earthy, slightly bitter and sweet. It’s said to be a cup of happiness.

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Benefits Of Saint John’s Wort Tea

Saint John’s Wort Tea May Be An Antidepressant. Countless studies have shown that Saint John’s Wort may be a remedy for mild to moderate depression. It is said to be equally as effective as traditional antidepressants, but with fewer side effects. People who have SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder may benefit from consuming Saint John’s Wort Tea.

Saint John’s Wort Tea May Reduce Mood Swings. Women dealing with menopause or PMS may benefit from consuming Saint John’s Wort Tea. The natural chemicals it possess have been shown to reduce mood swings and anxiety in menopausal women. It also reduces the severity of cramping, depression and PMS in women still menstruating.

Saint John’s Wort Tea May Alleviate Intestinal Parasites. Saint John’s Wort Tea has noticeable antibacterial effects. Because of this it is an excellent solution for pain in the stomach and liver. It can also relieve diarrhea and eliminate intestinal parasites which can live in the intestine for years without causing any symptoms.

Saint John’s Wort Tea May Help With Insomnia. If you are having difficulty getting a restful night of sleep you may want to consider drinking Saint John’s Wort Tea. This tea can help calm your nervous system, reduce feelings of stress and chronic fatigue. People who are kept awake at night and suffer from insomnia, may benefit from consuming this tea.

Saint John’s Wort Tea May Help With Sinus Congestion and Chronic Cough. Saint John’s Wort has antiviral activity that can help reduce phlegm that may cause congestion, sinus infections and bronchitis. Just one cup of this tea after breakfast and dinner may relieve sinus problems and soothe the throat.

Saint John’s Wort Tea May Help With Hangovers. The next time you suffer from a hangover, you may want to try consuming Saint John’s Wort Tea. Studies have shown it contains a powerful element that might be helpful in curing hangovers.

Saint John’s Wort Tea May Help With Parkinson’s Disease. Because Saint John’s Wort enhances dopamine levels, it may be helpful for individuals who have parkinson’s disease. Studies suggest that a dopamine dysfunction is one of the reasons behind this condition. It also has strong antioxidant properties that may help the neural degeneration linked to the onset of parkinson’s.

Side Effects

Consumed in moderation, Saint John’s Wort Tea has no side effects. If you have concerns, please contact your doctor.


Saint John’s Wort Tea has many healthy benefits, outside of its claims to help with moderate depression.

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